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Our Story

Rick, Jon, and Steve—three healthy guys who were into sports—had an idea to create a activity rewards program to encourage people to get active by linking anyone's activities to the charitable donations of sponsoring companies. They called their buddy Joe, who knew a thing or two about mobile phone technology, and together they started Plus3.

At first, it was focused on cycling, but due to demand, it quickly expanded to include a huge range of healthy activities, from cycling to walking to just drinking more water. That's when other companies started to notice that people were participating in Plus3 because they actually wanted to, not because they had to. The Plus3 team realized their idea could help way more people than they thought.

Today, companies use Plus3 to motivate their entire workforces to get healthy and stay healthy—from tiny offices to global organizations. So far, Plus3 has moved $2,162,878 in charitable donations, all of it linked to the healthy activities of Plus3 members.

Our Team

Andy Rosen – Advisory Board Member

Andy brings to the team more than 20 years experience as an HR consulting firm executive with Buck, ORC Worldwide, and Aon. He loves to work out, play tennis, and volunteer in the area of food sustainability, which includes serving on a food co-op board and running a local farmers market. Andy has an MBA from the Wharton School.

Archana Dubey MD – Chief Medical Advisor

Senior Medical Director at HP & Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford, Dr Dubey advises Plus3 on all medical aspects, and brings experience in delivering health at scale to HP's 320,000 global employees.

Bert Keely – User Experience Guru

Our head of UX, Bert's a Stanford grad and long-time alumni at Microsoft where he led touch screen development, earning himself numerous patents along the way. Bert writes and records music, runs, climbs, and is on a mission to check every activity box on the Plus3 menu.

Chris Matthews – Marketing Advisor

A former Specialized Bicycles marketing exec, health tech expert, and Rotman MBA graduate, Chris blends thoughtful marketing strategy with the latest in digital marketing, design thinking, and global empathy. He's a cyclist, a fledgling home chef, and a world traveler.

David Monico – Business Development & Product Design

David brings a non-profit background and UCSB education to Plus3, applying his thinking to our growth strategies while simultaneously leading customization services for our corporate partners to optimize engagement with their employees. "D" is on a mission to Bring Back the Mile and explores the oceans by paddle.

Denny Boyle – Advisory Board Chairman

As Lead of the Health Practice at the design firm IDEO, Denny Boyle brings a futurist vision and human-centered design focus to our board. Denny graduated from Notre Dame where he was a distance runner. He continues runs around and far beyond the Stanford campus, where he also teaches at the Stanford Design School.

Glen Elliott – Business Development Advisor

Glen served as VP of Global HR at Hewlett Packard before starting his own consulting practice. With leadership experience at Google, Tesla, Aon and HP, Glen brings over 20 years of global employee benefits expertise to our team. He's a graduate of Columbia and Queens, and a strong cyclist.

Gloria Jue – Business & Finance Manager

Gloria is Plus3's all-around finance wizard; she graduated from UC Berkeley in `85. She's responsible for managing the day-to-day finances of Plus3, and in her spare time, she's either boxing, or volunteering with the local Girl Scouts.

Jack Wickens – Advisory Board Member

With executive stops at Healthways as a director and UnitedHealthcare, where he served as National Plan President, Jack’s experience in healthcare plan management will help guide Plus3’s payer and provider partnership opportunities. Wickens recently founded and also serves on the Boards of UnitedHealthCare Children’s Foundation and the U.S. Track & Field Foundation.

Jason Danner – Advisory Board Member

As Senior VP of Kelly Benefit Strategies, Jason brings nearly 2 decades of practical experience to our board in the areas of corporate health & wellness. He is a member of The Governor's Council on Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, and is a graduate of the University of Delaware.

Joe Fabris — Founder / Product Design

Joe brings 23 years of experience in wireless communication, software, and Web development to Plus3. Joe's leadership experience spanned mainframes (IBM), PCs (Microsoft), and smart phones (Palm Treo) before he landed at Plus3. He's run a sub-4 minute mile (3:58.3, to be exact), and rides almost anything with 2 wheels.

John Harris - CTO

John joined Plus3 to lead engineering and architecture after starting Red Robot. John has touched every corner of tech product development and knows what it takes to get things done well, on time and on budget. He's a member of the Pen Velo Cycling Team, loves bikes and is always looking to explore new roads and trails.

Jonathan Morgan — Chairman of the Board

An investment banker with a history at Morgan Stanley and then as managing partner at Montgomery Securities, Jon was responsible for over $7B in transactions before transitioning to run technology investment banking for Prudential Securities. Today's he's a triathlete with his finger on the financial pulse of Plus3.

Kendall Webre — Business Development

Kendall brings over 10 years of experience in project management, B2B sales and business development to the Plus3 team. She loves assisting clients with program strategy, deployment and communications. Away from the office, K-Dub enjoys family time, sailing, and an intense Crossfit WOD.

Lori Fabris — Plus3 Foundation Executive Director

Lori makes sure every non-profit sponsored on Plus3 receives every penny moved their way by our members and she makes sure every milestone reward earned by our members is fulfilled. Lori Makes It Count on both road and mountain bikes, locally in the Santa Cruz Mountains and in faraway destinations too.

Nick Baird MD – Advisory Board Member

Nick is the CEO of The Alliance to Make US Healthiest, a non-profit organization established in 2008 to improve America's health in the workplace and at home. Nick also serves on the Advisory Committee to the Director of the CDC.

Rick Sutton — Founder / CEO

Rick's entrepreneurial roots go back to 1991 when he founded GaleForce Sports, organizer of the world's largest cycling festival, plus over 100 other sporting events, from National Championships to charity rides. He's raced motorcycles & bicycles, and still rides for fun.

Rob Boyer – Mobile Engineer

Rob works with Plus3's product team on our mobile apps and experience, and is the author of the Plus3 app (as well as other mobile apps, including Ascent). A die-hard bike commuter and musical maestro, Rob brings a wealth of mobile knowledge to Plus3's product experience.

Steve Levere — Board Member

As Managing Director of Jones, Lang & LaSalle's Silicon Valley office, Steve co-leads JLL's Corporate Advisory Services, representing corporate users of facilities, and leading complex negotiations. He brings extensive corporate experience to the Plus3 board, and earns his kudos on the golf course.

Wendy Angst – Advisory Board Member

As Associate Professor at the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame, Wendy teaches undergraduate and MBA courses in innovation, design, and social media. Prior to her academic career, she was CEO & General Manager of CapMed.